The 3 Benefits of Bid Beacon for Event Planners

The 3 Benefits of Bid Beacon for Event Planners

You’ve been planning your event for weeks. You have sent the invites, gathered the RSVPs, and confirmed the attendance numbers. You are ready to host a profitable fundraising event that will benefit your organization greatly. 

But when it comes to coordinating the various transactions and responsibilities that will be required on the day of your fundraiser, are you as prepared as you want to be? Are there solutions available to you that can make your fundraising event more streamlined and successful?

If you are not yet using a silent auction app, then the answer to the latter question is a resounding “yes”.

Incorporating auctions software is one of the most practical and intelligent ways to heighten the impact of your fundraiser. It allows you to keep track of all your silent auction items, the bids they are receiving, and the amount of funds that have been raised, all from a convenient and user-friendly mobile app. 

Do away with printed paper bidding sheets, outdated registration processes, and traditional bidding methods. Instead, reap the benefits of modern-day technology that has been optimized to meet your unique needs.

With Bid Beacon, event planners can turn their fundraiser into an exciting and engaging money-making celebration, all with the magic of mobile bidding.

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Here Are The 3 Benefits of Bid Beacon for Event Planners:

1. Instant Outbid Notifications

Nothing hinders your bottom-line profitability more than hosting a fundraiser where attendees have no way of knowing if they’ve been outbid for an item they have a strong interest in.

You want your guests to be able to counter any bids, driving up the final sale price and ultimately increase the amount of funds your organization receives.

With Bid Beacon, every person who attends your silent auction is immediately notified when a higher bid has been placed. 


Our auctions platform is accessible from any mobile device, tablet, or computer. Your guests simply have to log in, browse the available items, place a bid, and wait to receive a push notification when their bid is no longer the highest. Everything they need is in the palm of their hand, allowing them to place a counter bid with just a few simple taps.

No more lingering around the auction item tables, or physically monitoring paper bid sheets! It’s a change your guests are sure to notice and enjoy.


The 3 Benefits of Bid Beacon for Event Planners

2. Item Categorization

Each guest at your fundraising event will have their own preferences and interests when it comes to your silent auction item selection. Some attendees may be looking for spa packages, while others may be intrigued by sporting goods or signed memorabilia. Whatever their interest may be, you want your guest to be able to find the items that interest them most quickly and conveniently.

With Bid Beacon, you can categorize your items, breaking them down into identifiable groups so that your guests can navigate directly to the auction items that appeal to them.

From travel packages, to furniture, to electronics and art – you can sort your items into customizable categories, making it easier for your participants to locate and monitor the items they’d like to bid on.

The 3 Benefits of Bid Beacon for Event Planners

3. Guest Functionality

Are some of your event attendees not signed up to bid? No problem!

Attendees can place bids as guests without actually setting up a Bid Beacon account. They would simply request that the auctions admin teams create a guest account and act as them in order to place bids on their behalf.

This is particularly beneficial for attendees who do not own a mobile device, or who are not interested in setting up an account for a one-time event. 

And there you have it – just a few of the leading Bid Beacon app benefits for event planners!


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