The Benefits of a Powerful Management Dashboard

The Benefits of a Powerful Management Dashboard

Discover how the ARC Elections management dashboard can simplify voting day operations for poll station workers

Behind every successful and well-functioning app is a management dashboard that provides a seamless, clean, and user-friendly experience. 

When it comes to eLearning apps, however, the performance of a management dashboard becomes even more essential. Elections operations management need to be able to effectively and swiftly make changes to content within their training app in order to ensure their workers are continuously benefiting from the learning process.

When we set out to make our Elections app, we knew we wanted to incorporate an dashboard design that would give elections jurisdictions complete control. That way, they could feel confident knowing their workers were receiving tailored, role-specific learning materials.

After all, elections training is varied depending on the role an employee will be filling. So being able to control each worker’s learning experience via a convenient management dashboard is the surest way to achieve the educational outcomes required to properly prepare trainees for their jobs.

The Benefits of a Powerful Management Dashboard

So, what exactly can the ARC Elections management dashboard do? And what makes it so beneficial for elections operations management?

Here are The 3 Key Benefits Of The Elections App Management Dashboard:

1. It Allows Elections Operations To Self-Author Content

When conducting elections training, a one-size-fits-all approach is rarely an option. Depending on the type of election being held, and the various job positions that need to be filled, the training process will differ. 

Thus, making self-authoring available to election organizations is a top priority. 

Our Elections app allows educators to effortlessly change training content, make adjustments to training sessions, upload documents, and incorporate multimedia files.

This increases the longevity of the app, making it flexible and allowing for modifications over time.

Simply log into the management dashboard and make the changes you’d like to see.

The Benefits of a Powerful Management Dashboard

2. It Can Categorize Training Materials Based on Role

As we’ve briefly mentioned, there are many election day jobs that require training. From polling clerks, to registration officers, to poll supervisors, every role is unique and requires specialized knowledge.

This is why having built-in self-service capability is extremely beneficial for poll station employers.

With the Elections app, educators can self-author the various training sessions and modules that appear within their app, and then categorize those materials based on employee role.

Employees will only see the learning materials that apply to their position, giving them a personalized learning path that provides only content that is relevant to them!

3. It Compiles Valuable Analytical Information

When elections jurisdictions invest in eLearning software, they want to be able to see how well it’s working and gauge the impact it is having for their workers.

When developing our dashboard, this specific need was top of mind. How could we provide poll station educators with detailed statistical information in an easy-to-gather way?

The answer? A built-in analytics section that displays fundamental data in an engaging and visual format.

The Elections app actually gathers every movement and action a user makes within the platform. What does this mean for educators? It means that any information you can think of is accessible, should you need it.

The Benefits of a Powerful Management Dashboard

Some of the analytical data employers can access within the Elections app includes:

  • The level of education each worker has achieved

  • The final grade a user has received on each module

  • How long a user has spent on a particular lesson

  • Areas or lessons that students are struggling with

  • How many users have participated in a training simulation

And more.

Additionally, all analytics are updated on a real-time basis, so educators can be assured they are accessing the latest performance stats at all times. 

By allowing educators to have more control over their elections training software, we are maximizing the likelihood of success and providing our clients with an eLearning solution that will work not just today, but for years to come.

The Benefits of a Powerful Management Dashboard

For more information about the benefits of the ARC Elections app and how it can help you train your poll station workers for long-term success, we encourage you to check out our other articles here.


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