The Functional Requirements of an Effective Elections Training App - Part 2

The Functional Requirements of an Effective Elections Training App - Part 2

We dive deeper into the key features that all leading mobile training apps should have

In our original post entitled The Functional Requirements of an Effective Elections App, we discussed a few of the elements that separate extraordinary election mLearning apps from other, less impressive options.    

Now we’re back to share three more features that elections workers can benefit greatly from.


Because we know that election jurisdictions rely heavily on their ability to adequately train candidates. Election workers often fill temporary positions, and there are few formal training options for those who are interested in taking on a poll station role.

Therefore, being able to offer an innovative and effective mobile training app is incredibly important. It ensures that jurisdictions can fully engage their learners, track their educational progress, and enjoy peace of mind as they head into the election process, knowing their workers are well-equipped and ready to handle the demands of their job.

So, what are the additional functional requirements that all elections training apps should have?

Here Are Three More Features all Effective Apps Share:

1. Complete Client Control Over App Content

Without the built-in ability to change and update content within your mobile app, it is unlikely it will meet the needs of your election jurisdictions. While most positions share similar responsibilities, each election is unique and requires specific skills from those who take on professional roles. 

When investing in apps for training workers, jurisdictions need to be able to tailor the mLearning experience for each group by role. 

The ARC Elections app allows jurisdictions to do this with the help of our highly intuitive management dashboard. They can easily log in, alter course materials, update information, add media files, and make numerous other adjustments depending on the needs of their learners.

You maintain complete control of the eLearning experience your learners are exposed to, providing your staff with a customized educational pathway that best suits their unique needs.

2. Detailed Analytical Tracking

The ability to monitor the progress of your elections training efforts is a key requirement in order to achieve your overall educational goals. With analytical data, you can see which modules or lessons are most challenging for your learners, which lessons they are completing the fastest, and better map your curriculum to meet their needs.

Behavior prediction is a huge advantage for election jurisdictions, made possible through detailed analytics. The comprehensive reports that mLearning apps provide make predicting which components of training will be difficult for future staff, allowing you to better help learners throughout the education process.

Some of the data you can track using mobile training apps include:

  • Pass/fail rates

  • Completion rates

  • Access by device type

  • Drop off rates

  • Time spent on each module

  • Individual learner progress

And more.

3. A User-Friendly Interface

Nothing hinders the use of a mobile training app more than a cumbersome and dated interface. Those participating in your elections training want to log into your mobile app and see a clean, inviting design that is easy to navigate. 

Without a well-designed mobile interface, bounce rates will increase, with more users exiting your elections training platform. Additionally, the amount of time users spend within your app will also likely decrease.

The proper use of color, icons, non-intrusive ads and legible text all play a part in how your elections workers experience your app, and subsequently, how well-received your app will be.

When mLearning options for your learners, it is crucial to consider how your mobile app developer approaches designing for user experience, and to hire a company that is well-versed in creating apps that are built with user friendliness in mind.

Considering a Mobile Training App for Your Election Workers?

The ARC Elections app offers all of the features listed above, plus a myriad of other elements that your staff can benefit from.


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