The Importance of User-Friendly Design in an Election App

The Importance of User-Friendly Design in an Election App

Discover how the ARC Elections app has been designed to accommodate even the most tech averse of users

When election jurisdictions invest in a training solution for their workers, it has to be a solution that their workers will feel comfortable using. Otherwise, the new strategy will have additional challenges. But when it comes to implementing new forms of technology in a workplace, there is often push back – especially when users are unfamiliar with the new processes that will be expected of them.

This is particularly relevant for election jurisdictions, since a large portion of the people who work poll stations are often retired and looking for a temporary employment opportunity.

Older demographics tend to experience higher amounts of tech aversion, preferring to complete tasks the traditional way. And for many years, election jurisdictions have operated using a traditional approach to training, relying on classroom presentations and paper handouts. But in order for these jurisdictions to progress and streamline their training process, the implementation of modern day technology is not only beneficial, but necessary.

Thankfully, the ARC Elections training app  has taken this challenge into consideration, and has been designed to make the transition period easier for election jurisdictions and their workers.

So, what benefits can you expect to see from implementing our election training app?

Let’s cut to the chase.

Here Are Three Ways The User-Friendly Design Of The ARC Elections App Benefits Users With Tech Aversion:

1. An Easy-To-Navigate Interface

One of the most crucial aspects of making a mobile app convenient and easy to use for tech averse workers is to develop a user-friendly interface.

What is an interface?

When it comes to mobile app development, an interface is the graphical and usually touch-sensitive display on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, that allows the user to interact with the device’s apps, features, content and functions.

So, essentially, the interface is the part of the mobile app that users see and interact with. It’s the overall design, and how the app appears on a user’s mobile device.

For our ARC Elections training app, we wanted to create an interface that was seamless and straightforward so election workers could easily understand where certain features are located.

Here are some of the design elements we used to create our user-friendly app:

  • Large icons and buttons that are easy to distinguish

  • Strong text colors and easy-to-read fonts for increased readability

  • A convenient search navigation bar to help users locate information quickly

  • The elimination of pop-ups or distracting content

  • Functional consistency (All of the interactive elements work the same across all parts of the app)

And more.

By making these elements a top priority, we ensure that election jurisdictions are able to fully capitalize on the benefits of user friendly app design, making the onboarding process as simple as possible for their workers.

2. Cross-Platform Compatibility

While being able to access election training materials and exercises from a mobile device is undoubtedly convenient and beneficial, there are some election workers that may prefer to access their training platform from a computer or tablet.

After all, everyone is different, and it’s all about being comfortable.

With the ARC Elections app, workers can log into the platform from any device they choose thanks to our multi-platform approach to development.

Whether it’s a laptop or desktop, an Apple device or an Android device, your election workers can enjoy full access, and benefit from the same user-friendly interface no matter what device they use.

This is particularly important since 90 per cent of internet users now move “sequentially” between different devices throughout the same day. By not restricting how election workers can access our mobile app, we increase the likelihood of them finding a device that works best for them.

3. The Ability To Upload Custom Content

This feature is arguably one of the greatest benefits of our Elections training app. Unlike other mobile apps for training that lock businesses and organizations into a strict format, our app allows election jurisdictions to upload and incorporate their own materials and content.

Additionally, our user-friendly app accepts a range of content types, including:

  • PDFs

  • Audio 

  • Video

  • Images

  • Quizzes

And more.

By allowing election jurisdictions to upload their own content, we ensure that they can make their app as informative as possible for their workers.

For example: If an election jurisdiction is worried that many of their workers are prone to tech aversion, they can choose to include an video tutorial within their app to assist their workers as they familiarize themselves with the platform.

Each situation is unique, which is why our ARC Elections training app has been designed to be highly flexible.

We work with our clients to ensure they take full advantage of this capability, tailoring their mobile app experience and maximizing the benefits for their workers.


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