Treating and Caring for Information as an Asset

Treating and Caring for Information as an Asset

Enjoy smoother business operations with the help of professional information management services

When business owners think of their most valuable business assets, they sometimes overlook their information. This is because our minds tend to naturally think of physical, tangible items before it considers more elusive concepts like data and knowledge. 

But these types of assets are an integral part of any business, and as such, should be set up and maintained in the most effective and streamlined way possible. 

So, what types of information are we referring to?

The Types of Files That Can Be Incorporated In An Information Management Strategy Include:

  • Financial records

  • Employee records

  • Client files

  • Business plans

  • Receipts

  • Policies and procedures

  • Resumes

And more.

When technology is used to capture, manage, store/secure, preserve, and deliver these forms of content, it is referred to as enterprise information management (EIM).

Some Of The Information Issues Our EIM Services Can Help You Address Include:

  • The safe and secure transfer of information for your business (both internally and externally)

  • The automation of processes related to the storing of electronic files

  • The confidential and secure management of personal employee data

  • The proper management of large volumes of information

And more.

So, why is enterprise information management so important?

Think about what would happen to your business if your computer systems were compromised and you were no longer able to access, store, or transfer files the way you usually do.

How long would it take for your business to begin losing productivity? 

For many businesses, the impact would be immediate.

Unfortunately, however, many business owners do not have a plan in place to combat this type of occurence.

It’s funny, when you consider that businesses often have back-up plans and strategies in place for when hiccups occur in other areas of their operations.

For example: it is common for business owners to have extra equipment, a financial contingency fund, and even casual staff members they can call in a pinch. 

Yet when it comes to the data and files that businesses use every day to document their operations, there is often little foresight into how a situation would be handled.

This leads us to the next question we commonly hear, which is “Why should I trust ARC Business Solutions with my EIM needs?”. 

Below Are Some Of The Benefits Associated With Our EIM Software And Services:

1. Reduced Storage Costs

With a proper information management solution in place, redundant or outdated copies of documents and files will be eliminated, freeing up more storage space in both your external and internal hard drives, as well as in cloud-based storage platforms.

This is a huge advantage, since additional storage can be costly. 

2. Increased Productivity

When your team members have to spend valuable time searching through multiple folders on various platforms just to find a file or document they need, it hinders the productivity of your business. 

This can be easily avoided with a properly-established and effective EIM solution, which makes locating files and providing access to folders a breeze. Soon, your employees will be using the time they used to spend tracking down content to complete other, more pressing tasks – a win/win for all involved.

3. Improved Reliability

Nothing is more damaging to a company’s brand than losing important documents, misplacing necessary files, or losing content that a client is expecting.

One of the benefits of business information management is how much more secure and trackable your content will be. With the ability to automate processes and gain greater control of how your documents are shared, business owners greatly reduce the likelihood of human error and enjoy greater peace of mind.

4. More Precise Measurement

Most businesses do not have the ability to gain a real-time view of their processes, but with the right EIM infrastructure, they can. 

At ARC Business Solutions, our EIM software comes equipped with powerful analytics that let business owners identify and eliminate bottlenecks in their content procedures. They can also check on the progress of various projects, gain insight into how employees are accessing and sharing files, and make more educated decisions about their business operations as they move forward.

5. Higher Capture Rates

When documents and content files are created, but never stored in the correct place, it can negatively impact business processes. 

Thankfully, with well-executed enterprise information management, business owners can significantly reduce the amount of uncaptured data they miss out on.

With the right EIM solution, companies can automate where electronic forms are sent after they are filled, where specific documents are saved, and who receives copies of various business documents as they are completed.


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