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Utility Sector - Utilities Digital Transformation Benchmarking

It is no longer just a CIO problem

Technology is impacting all aspects of the utility sector (regulatory, customer, markets, and operations).

Event the power grid itself is no longer simple with all assets being owned by one company and serving one territory.

There is bidirectional power assets, often with multiple owners, an increased risk of cyber attacks to systems and the power grid itself (or gas distribution system).

Smart meters internet of things and smarter grid are being deployed at an increasing rate. 


There are opportunities to positively impact the bottom line (increase revenue or reduce cost), provide better service, improve safety, deal with an aging workforce and ensure that your company can both sustain, survive and thrive. 

Find Where You Stand With Digital Transformation Benchmarking 

ARC is offering a new  Digital Transformation Benchmarking Service designed for utilities.  Whether you’re in a competitive or regulated environment, we’ll benchmark your customer care, product offering, business processes, training, and staff development, work and asset management, data use, energy savings programs/efficiency, operations, market interaction, and management systems. 

Tier 1

Basic online assessment and overall rating within the industry

Tier 2

Onsite interviews and thorough assessment of how you compare to your peers and the industry, plus information on where others are headed (with you or without you)

Tier 3

Builds upon Tier 2 to also offer recommendations of potential first actions and a road map ahead

Question to Ask Yourself

How prepared are you for future tech shifts?

What can you do to your appropriately leverage technology?

How can you get ahead without being on your bledding age?

Do you have a business problem you would like resolved? Connect with our Utilities sector today.